What is “Bedlam”?  According to Webster’s Dictionary, bedlam is a lunatic asylum; a place, scene, or state of uproar and confusion. If you are in Oklahoma and hear the word bedlam, your thoughts immediately go to the rivalry between The University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University. Whatever the sport or activity, families divide and friendships are temporarily parted as we all choose red or orange. Of course each Fall brings us the most famous, emotionally charged competition of all, football. Now, every summer, the great state of Oklahoma has a new battle between its two schools on the streets of downtown Tulsa!

The Bedlam RUN. To celebrate over 100 years of this tradition of spirited rivalry, the OU Club of Tulsa and the Tulsa Chapter of the OSU Alumni Association are planning the annual Bedlam Run. This event is sure to be just as competitive and fun-filled as our other meetings. The Bedlam Run is a festive event that celebrates the spirit of competition with music, food and planned activities after the race. 

View Photos from the 2018 Event!


The Bedlam Run
Benefits the
OSU Alumni Association
and The OU Club
Of Tulsa

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